Integration with the Graduate School

Traditionally, there is a strong integration between the postgraduate program on Bioscience and Physiopathology (PBF) and the graduate school. Graduate students participate actively in the postgraduate program activities, especially students from health area courses that defend graduate dissertation, attend talks, meetings from the research groups and events organized by the PBF. Certainly the benefice is reciprocal.

The professors from the postgraduate program, been permanent or collaborators give classes in the graduate courses at UEM, been them: Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursery, Dentistry, Biomedicine, Biology, among other, extending their knowledge to improve the graduate courses from the Institution.

The PBF develop several other activities that systematically lead to their integration with the graduate school, for example:

1- THE ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM in Bioscience applied to Pharmacy, which mainly intent the disclosure of dissertation/theses to the graduate students from UEM and other academic institution from Maringá, as a “scientific arouse”;

2- THE IMPLICATION OF AT LEAST ONE GRADUATE STUDENT (scientific initiation) in the development of each dissertation/thesis;

3- THE FINANCIAL RESOURCES OBTAINED BY THE PROFESSORS FROM THE POSTGRADUATE PROGRAM BY MEAN OF RESEARCH PROJECTS trough proposal of Financial agencies (CAPES, CNPq, FINEP, Fundação Araucária, among other) improve the infraestruture of the University and by consequence the graduate courses, which have access to equipment and thecnincs that are available due research/dissertation/thesis projects developed in the postgraduate program;

4- SUPERVISION OF A BIG NUMBER OF GRADUATE STUDENTS in scientific initiation projects, with or without scholarships (PIC, PIBIC, PET and other) by professor from the postgraduate program.

7- Development of SEVERAL ACTIVITIES RELATED TO THE DISSEMINATION OF SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE, which help in the integration with graduate schools.